On July 8th and 9th the exhibition “LIVESTOCK EVENT” took place in Birmingham, into which more than 450 exhibitors and 17,000 farmers participated, mainly from the dairy sector.

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With more than 15 years of experience in this segment and projects in England, Ireland, New-Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Colombia, among other countries, TIGSA presented his new feeding system for milking parlours.

This automatic feeding system comprises two feeding lines with auger and dispensers. TIGSA can offer pipes of 55 mm, 60 mm or 75 mm, this last one being the most efficient, since it allows a quick filling and refilling (up to 20 Kg of feed per minute). The capacity of the feed dispensers are 3L, 6L, 10L or 15L depending on the farm requirements.

This system improves a lot the behaviour of the cows during the milking process, accelerates the entrance of each group of cows and reduces the milking time, due to the generation of higher oxytocin rates

TIGSA’s system, apart from being very robust, reliable, easy to install and to use, is very economical, compared to electric, compressed air & vacuum feed dispensers.

For more information, please contact our sales department:

tigsa@tigsa.com o +34 93 892 20 69.