Product Description

The fattening pulse feeder SANI UP is better adapted to the younger pigs and their way of move the head looking for food.

Among its new features highlight:

  • Pigs can see and smell directly the feed they eat.
  • SANI UP improves the already very good index of consumer.
  • SANI UP has 2 capacities; 50 and 70 litres.
  • The supply is free and this benefits the self-regulation of food by the pig itself.
  • With SANIFOOD fattening feeder the animals produce less quantity of water in its purines.
  • You do not need to disassemble anything to clean the feeder.
  • New model completely corrosion proof and very strong.
  • Regulation completely in stainless.
  • Possibility of water on both sides.
  • Finish edges to avoid damaging the pig.


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