Product Description

BIFOOD is a swine hopper feeder where pigs get food nuzzling. If placed between two pens creates a reflex in pigs inciting approximating eat gaining increasing daily intake from weaning to fattening.

Main Characteristics:

  • BIFOOD is primarily a sturdy and experienced feeder (12+ years on the market).
  • The exclusive design of this feeder provides different possibilities for feeding in a single plate, and according to the requirements of the animal: dry feeding or wet feeding and 2 water drinkers.
  • It incorporates the Rotary Starter Kit, which enhances the obtaining of feed to smaller piglets.
  • Equipped with an hermetic deposit of 130 litres, easily filled ,both manually or automatically.
  • 23 adjustment positions + «0» position closing.
  • Supplies fresh water at the same feeder, avoiding the installation of supplementary drinkers.
  • Plates of large dimensions appropriate to the type of piglets.
  • Fully stainless high dishes.
  • No dead spots or corners, easy to clean.
  • Possibility to place it between two pens or the middle of one.


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