Product Description

Nipples drinkers are very simple pieces but must obey to basic criteria of utilization, independently of the choice of drinking by type of pork.

Key Features for the election and installation:

  • Water pressure; usually is better when lower (with piglets is better not exceed 2 bar).

– Saving water.
– Softer water flow.
– Low wear.
– Easy handling.

  • Water flow; must beregulated accordingthelength of the shed.

– For transition and fattening recommended max 0.6 – 1 liter / min.
– Recommended to Install reducers to compensate differences.
– Recommended to install reducers to govern the shed according to the different seasons.

  • Heightand position of the drinkers.

– Pigs should bow his head slightly in bowl drinkers.
– The feeders should be mounted as low as possible to avoid that the pigs playing do not fill the dishes.
– With piglets we should be able to have 2 levels of regulation.

  • Mounting angle.

– Bitten drinkers angle can range between 15 and 45.
– For 15º use the lower height.
– For 45 use the highest height.

  • Installing afilter to avoidfuture problemswith dirt.


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